CBL0137 is an investigational oncology drug that interferes with a novel molecular target. CBL0137 was invented by CBLI and transferred in 2010 to Incuron, LLC, a biotechnology company formed as a joint venture between CBLI and BioProcess Capital Venture. Incuron, LLC is responsible for development and commercialization of CBL0137. In 2015, CBLI divested its ownership in Incuron and entered into a royalty agreement with Incuron pursuant to which CBLI will receive a 2% royalty on (i) the future commercialization, licensing or sale of the CBL0137 technology by Incuron or its affiliates, (ii) consideration received by Incuron or its affiliates from a licensee or sublicensee of CBL0137, and (iii) consideration received in connection with the first change of control of Incuron.

The interaction of CBL0137 with FACT (Facilitates Chromatin Transcription) complex results in simultaneous NF-kB suppression, Heat Shock Factor 1 suppression and p53 activation. This modulation of three key cellular pathways causes suppression of cancer cell growth. CBL0137 has been shown in preclinical studies to have a beneficial effect in multiple solid tumor animal models.

Two Phase 1 trials with different administrations of CBL0137 are currently ongoing:

A study evaluating intravenous administration of CBL0137 in patients with metastatic or unresectable advanced solid cancers and lymphomas was initiated in August 2013. For more information on this trial, please refer to Clinicaltrials.gov: http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01905228?term=CBL0137&rank=1

A study assessing oral administration of CBL0137 in patients with advanced solid tumors that are resistant or refractory to current standard treatment was initiated in the Russian Federation in October 2012.

Incuron holds worldwide development and commercialization rights to CBL0137.

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