Curaxin Technology: CBL0137 & Predecessor

Curaxins, including CBL0137, are small molecules that have demonstrated the ability to kill a broad range of human tumor cells and sensitize tumor cells to other cancer treatments.26, 31, 33

Curaxins have been shown to have a mechanism of action involving modulation of the FACT (Facilitates Chromatin Transcription) complex.29, 34 Curaxins sequester FACT such that it is not able to perform its normal function in opening up chromatin structure to allow transcription of certain genes. Notably, the gene expression programs that are blocked in Curaxin-treated cells include several that are known to be critical for tumor cell survival. This novel target produces simultaneous modulation of three key pathways in tumor progression, NF-KB suppression, Heat Shock Factor 1 suppression and p53 activation.26, 27, 33

The multi-targeted nature of Curaxins suggests that they may be useful for treatment of many different types of cancer with greater efficacy and substantially lower risk of development of drug resistance. In addition, since we believe that Curaxins will not cause DNA damage, we anticipate that Curaxins may be much safer than many conventional chemotherapeutics and can be considered for cancer prophylaxis.28

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